Authentication and account management module for UserFrosting.

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By Alex Weissman and Louis Charette

Copyright (c) 2013-2024, free to use in personal and commercial software as per the license.

UserFrosting is a secure, modern user management system written in PHP and built on top of the Slim Microframework, Twig templating engine, and Eloquent ORM.

This Account sprinkle handles user modeling and authentication, user groups, roles, and access control. It contains the routes, templates, and controllers needed to implement pages for registration, password reset, login, and more.


  1. Require in your UserFrosting project :

    composer require userfrosting/sprinkle-account
  2. Add the Sprinkle to your Sprinkle Recipe :

    public function getSprinkles(): array
        return [
  3. Bake

    php bakery bake


See main UserFrosting Documentation for more information.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. If you're interested in contributing to the UserFrosting codebase, please see our contributing guidelines as well as our style guidelines.