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Resizes an image on the fly and returns the new link


composer require kwaadpepper/crud-policies


  1. Create a model that will use the Kwaadpepper\CrudPolicies\IsCrudModel trait
  2. Create a controller that will use the Kwaadpepper\CrudPolicies\CrudController trait
  3. Create a policy that will extends the Kwaadpepper\CrudPolicies\Policies\RootPolicy class

Create a Model (IsCrudModel)

  • Use php artisan make:crudModel ModelName
  • Do it by hand

If You choose to do it by hand take the file examples/CrudModel.php as an example.

Some infos :

  • The model has to use IsCrudModel trait
  • rules for models fields has to be set in the constructor as the provided example ($editableProperties prop)
  • Each CrudType enum is handled in a specific way more doc will be to come, or are welcome if you are willing to write it
  • Requests validation are constructed from the model for create and update actions
  • Your model has to set protected $crudLabelColumn = 'string column name';
  • Your model has to set protected $crudValueColumn = 'unique constrained column name';

! The two last points are specially needed for relations !

Create a Controller (CrudController)

  • Use php artisan make:crudController ControllerName
  • Do it by hand

If You choose to do it by hand take the file examples/CrudController.php as an example.

Some hooks are available in the controller, you can also overload methods to handle your own way the think

You can of course write your own methods to handle the rest of your application.

More documentation is yet to come, dont hesite to check in code directly

Create a Policy (RootPolicy)

  • Use php artisan make:policy ModelName
  • Do it by hand

If You choose to do it by hand take the file examples/CrudPolicy.php as an example.

Note that policies rules make method returns a boolean value. You can find an example of rules in examples/UserRoleRules.php

NOTE: Artisan make commands yet has to be developped


  • For crud type images, you must do php artisan storage:link

Change log

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SOON available


Please see for details and a todolist.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



MIT. Please see the license file for more information.