This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the monolog package instead.

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The SentryBundle for Symfony2 helps binds the raven-php module into a Symfony2 bundle for easy use with the framework. It will autoload an exception handler into the framework, so that all uncaught errors are sent to a Sentry server.

Maintainers: roderik, Kunstmaan
Homepage: https://github.com/KunstmaanLegacy/KunstmaanSentryBundle
Canonical: https://github.com/KunstmaanLegacy/KunstmaanSentryBundle
Source: https://github.com/KunstmaanLegacy/KunstmaanSentryBundle/tree/master
Issues: https://github.com/KunstmaanLegacy/KunstmaanSentryBundle/issues