A lightweight bridge from predis/predis to a PSR-16 simple-cache interface

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A lightweight bridge from predis/predis to the PSR-16 simple-cache interface


The library is distributed as a composer package.

composer require kodus/predis-simple-cache


Bootstrapping the cache class is very simple. The PredisSimpleCache constructor requires the predis client to store the cache items and a default TTL integer value.

In the example below the cache is constructed with a client with no custom settings and a default TTL of an hour.

$client = new Predis\Client();
$cache = new Kodus\PredisSimpleCache\PredisSimpleCache($client, 60 * 60);

Developer notes

The Predis\ClientInterface interface from predis/predis defines the API via @method docblock annotations entries which are then invoked by the __call() method.

The typehints in these annotations have proven to be a bit unreliable, and in cases like Predis\ClientInterface::setex(), we've had to refer to the Redis documentation instead.