A simple standalone logging facility with several log processors

3.3.0 2023-10-16 07:14 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-16 07:38:43 UTC


A simple message logging library that implements PSR-3 with several log processors. It supports multiple log writers that can be set separately and process messages based on the log level.

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Use composer and run

composer require koded/logging

or add it manually in your current composer.json

  "require": {
    "koded/logging": "^3"



$settings = [
        ['class' => Cli::class, 'levels' => Log::ERROR],
        ['class' => File::class, 'levels' => Log::INFO]

$log = new Log(...$settings);

// This message is processed by Cli and File
$log->alert('The message with {variable}', ['variable' => 'useful info']);

// This message won't be processed by Cli 
// because it's level is below ERROR,
// but File will handle it
$log->warning("You don't see anything");


Param Type Required Default Description
(processors) array yes (empty) An array of log processors. Every processor is defined in array with it's own configuration parameters. See processor directives
dateformat string no "d/m/Y H:i:s.u" The date format for the log message. Microseconds are prepended by default
timezone string no "UTC" The desired timezone for the log message

Processor default directives

Every log processor has it's own set of configuration directives.
The table shows log parameters in the classes.

Param Type Required Default Description
class string yes The name of the log processor class
levels integer no -1 Packed integer for bitwise comparison. See the constants in Logger class

Levels example

The messages are filtered with bitwise operator against the levels value. Every processor will filter out the messages as defined in it's levels directive.

For instance, to log only WARNING, INFO and ERROR messages, set levels to


[..., ['levels' => Log::WARN | Log::INFO | Log::ERROR, ...]],


  • every processor is configured separately
  • if you want to process all log levels, skip the levels value or set it to -1 (by default)
  • if you want to suppress a specific processor, set it's level to 0


Class name Description
ErrorLog uses the error_log() function to send the message to PHP's logger
Cli write the messages in the console (with STDERR)
Memory will store all messages in an array. Useful for unit tests if the logger is involved
SysLog will open the system logger and send messages using the syslog() function
File saves the messages on a disk

Benchmarks and tests

vendor/bin/phpbench run --report=default


Software license The code is distributed under the terms of The 3-Clause BSD license.