A standard library for shareable classes and functions

6.4.1 2024-03-15 23:15 UTC


A standard library for shareable classes and functions.

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  • get(string $index, $default = null)
  • has($index): bool
  • equals(string $propertyA, string $propertyB): bool
  • find(string $index, $default = null)
  • extract(array $keys): array
  • filter(iterable $data, string $prefix, bool $lowercase = true, bool $trim = true): array
  • namespace(string $prefix, bool $lowercase = true, bool $trim = true)
  • count()
  • toArray(): array
  • toJSON(int $options = 0): string
  • toXML(string $root): string
  • toArguments(): Arguments


(implements Immutable methods)

  • set(string $index, $value)
  • import(array $values)
  • upsert(string $index, $value)
  • bind(string $index, &$variable)
  • pull(string $index, $default = null)
  • delete(string $index)
  • clear()
  • toImmutable(): Immutable


ExtendedArguments extends Arguments

  • flatten(): ExtendedArguments

Supports dot-notation for index names. Example:

$args = new \Koded\Stdlib\ExtendedArguments([
    'foo' => [
        'bar' => [
            'baz' => 42

// returns ['baz' => 42]

// returns 42

// returns ['foo.bar.baz' => 42]

$args->set('foo.bar', 'baz');
// ['foo' => ['bar' => 'baz']]


Class Config works as a parameter bag that provides ways to fill it from files or other Config instances. There are 2 common patterns to populate the config,

either you can fill the Config instance from config files:


or alternatively you can define the configuration options in the instance that calls fromObject,

$app->config()->fromObject($myconfig); // $myconfig is instance of Config

Other interesting way to load configuration is from an environment variable that points to a file


In this case, before launching the application you have to set the env variable to the file you want to use. On Linux and OSX use the export statement

export MY_APP_SETTINGS='/path/to/config/file.php'

or somewhere in your app bootstrap phase before constructing the Api instance

  • fromEnvironment( array $variableNames, string $namespace = '', bool $lowercase = true, bool $trim = true ): Configuration
  • fromJsonFile(string $file): Configuration
  • fromPhpFile(string $file): Configuration
  • fromEnvVariable(string $variable): Configuration
  • fromIniFile(string $file): Configuration
  • fromObject($object): Configuration
  • withParameters(array $parameters): Configuration
  • silent(bool $silent): Configuration
  • build(string $context): Configuration


  • type(string $extension, int $index = 0): string
  • types(string $extension): array
  • supports(string $type): bool
  • extensions(string $type): array


Class UUID generates Universally Unique Identifiers following the RFC 4122.

  • v1($address = null): string
  • v3(string $namespace, $name): string
  • v4(): string
  • v5(string $namespace, string $name): string
  • valid(string $uuid): bool
  • matches(string $uuid, int $version = 4): bool
  • toBase64(string $uuid): string
  • fromBase64(string $base64): string


Class ULID generates Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifiers

  • generate(int $count = 1): self
  • fromULID(string $ulid): self
  • fromUUID(string $ulid): self
  • fromTimestamp(float $timestamp): self
  • fromDateTime(string $datetime): self
  • toULID(): array|string
  • toUUID(): array|string
  • toDateTime(): array|DateTime
  • count(): int
  • valid(string $uuid): bool


function arguments(...$values): Argument;
function extended(...$values): ExtendedArguments;
function value(...$values): Data;
function tap(mixed $value, callable $callable = null): mixed;
function camel_to_snake_case(string $string): string;
function env(string $name = null, mixed $default = null, array $initialState = null): mixed;
function error_log(string $function, string $message, $data): void;
function htmlencode(string $input, string $encoding = 'UTF-8'): string;
function is_associative(array $array): bool;
function json_serialize($value, int $options = JSON_PRESERVE_ZERO_FRACTION | JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES): string;
function json_unserialize(string $json, bool $associative = false);
function now(): DateTimeImmutable;
function randomstring(int $length = 16, string $prefix = '', string $suffix = ''): string;
function rmdir(string $dirname): bool;
function snake_to_camel_case(string $string): string;
function to_delimited_string(string $string, int $delimiter): string;
function to_kebab_string(string $string): string;
function xml_serialize(string $root, iterable $data): string;
function xml_unserialize(string $xml): array;

Code quality

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Software license

The code is distributed under the terms of The 3-Clause BSD license.