Generate API documentation for humans from your Laravel codebase.✍

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v4 is out now! Featuring subgroups, easier sorting, and an automated upgrade command.

Scribe helps you generate API documentation for humans from your Laravel/Lumen/Dingo codebase. See a live example at


  • Pretty single-page HTML doc, with human-friendly text, code samples, and included in-browser API tester ("Try It Out")
  • Extracts body parameters details from FormRequests or validation rules
  • Safely calls API endpoints to get sample responses
  • Supports generating responses from Transformers or Eloquent API Resources
  • Generates Postman collection and OpenAPI spec
  • Easily customisable with custom views and included UI components
  • Easily extensible with custom strategies
  • Statically define extra endpoints that aren't in your codebase

👋 Scribe helps you generate docs automatically, but if you really want to make friendly, maintainable and testable API docs, there's some more things you need to know. So I made a course for you.🤗


Check out the documentation at

If you're coming from mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator, first migrate to v3`, then to v4.


Contributing is easy! See our contribution guide.