A website skeleton for Kiwa.

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Kiwa Website Skeleton

The skeleton for creating a website with Kiwa.


This skeleton is made for the use with Composer. Be sure to get it at first.



  1. Use your CLI and Composer to create a new website by running composer create-project kiwa/website-skeleton my-project. Change my-project by your needs.

  2. Move to your project directory, for example by running cd my-project.

  3. Create your code repository, for example by running git init.

    By running the installation a lot of basic files will be created, for example an assets folder for all your asset files. Those files can be committed to your repository.

  4. Install all dependencies by running composer install and yarn install. If you're using NPM instead of Yarn or don't have those scripts installed globally, those commands may differ in your system.

Creating the website

Everything you want to do can be done with the help of the Kiwa Console, which is our own command line tool and that is stored in the bin folder. It will help creating pages and more. Run php bin/console to get more information.

Running the website

To access the website from public, point your domain to the public folder so the index.php inside will be used.

To run the website in a local environment, run php bin/console server:start and open the URL that it tells in your browser. This will be mostly

In case you don't want to use the Kiwa Console, you can also run a local PHP server by your own: php -S public/index.php.


The documentation about how to use Kiwa can be found under


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us under

Further information about Bit&Black can be found under