Symfony SimpleEdmBundle

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This is an electronic document manager for symfony.


use composer update

add the new Bundle in app/appKernel.php

You need to create a table in the database : launch command: php app/console doctrine:schema:update

Step1: AppKernel.php Add the following entries to your autoloader: $bundles = array( ... new Kitpages\SimpleEdmBundle\KitpagesSimpleEdmBundle(), new Kitpages\FileSystemBundle\KitpagesFileSystemBundle(), new Kitpages\DataGridBundle\KitpagesDataGridBundle(), );

Configuration example kitpagesFileSystemBundle

kitpages_file_system: file_system_list: kitpagesSimpleEdm: local: directory_public: %kernel.root_dir%/../web directory_private: %kernel.root_dir% base_url: %base_url%

  • you should add something like that in your security.yml : role_hierarchy: ROLE_ADMIN: [ROLE_USER, ROLE_SIMPLEEDM_WRITER] ROLE_SIMPLEEDM_WRITER: ROLE_SIMPLEEDM_READER