FileBundle manages uploads and manipulations of files for the Kitpages CMS Bundle

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This is an ajax upload system for symfony.

author : Philippe Le Van (@plv)


hum... as usual...

put the code in vendors/Kitpages/FileBundle

add vendors/ in the app/autoload.php

add the new Bundle in app/appKernel.php

You need to create a table in the database : launch command: php app/console doctrine:schema:update

Add a field file upload in a form

In form Class $builder->add( 'fileId', 'hidden', array( "label" => "File" ) );

In file Twig

{% include 'KitpagesFileBundle:Upload:pluginJs.html.twig' ignore missing %}

<form class="standard-form" {{ form_enctype(form) }} method="POST">
    <div id="form">
        {{ form_row(
        ) }}
            {{ form_widget(form.file) }}
            {% render 'KitpagesFileBundle:Upload:widget' with {'fieldId': 'form_fileId', 'itemClass': 'AppSiteBundle:Document', 'itemId':, parameterList:{'multi': false, 'publishParent': false} } %}
        {{ form_widget(form) }}
    <input type="submit" value="Save"/>

Attention fieldId = the attribute ID of input generate by "{{ form_widget(form.fileId) }}" in the form


updates an existing database in version1.2.0

Installation ImagineBundle and kitpagesFileSystemBundle

Step1: add the following entries to the deps in the root of your project file:

[Imagine] git= target=imagine

[KitpagesFileSystemBundle] git= target=Kitpages/FileSystemBundle

Step2: Configure the autoloader

Add the following entries to your autoloader:

<?php // app/autoload.php

  • autoload.php $loader->registerNamespaces(array( // ... 'Imagine' => DIR.'/../vendor/imagine/lib', ));

Step3: AppKernel.php Add the following entries to your autoloader: $bundles = array( ... new Kitpages\FileSystemBundle\KitpagesFileSystemBundle(), );


Configuration example

kitpages_file: tmp_dir: %kernel.root_dir%/data/tmp type_list: image: resize: form: 'kit_file.image.resize.form' form_twig: 'KitpagesFileBundle:ActionOnFile:Image/Resize/form.html.twig' handler_form: 'kit_file.image.resize.form.handler' library: ''

kitpages_file_system: file_system_list: kitpagesFile: local: directory_public: %kernel.root_dir%/../web directory_private: %kernel.root_dir% base_url: %base_url%

Step5: php bin/vendors update

Step6: launch command: php app/console kitFile:updateDatabase

Extend entity

see entity File create a entity - class Extendentity extends FileBase create a repository

  • class ExtendentityRepository extends FileBaseRepository { CONST entity = 'AppSiteBundle:Extendentity'; }

complete config.yml entity_file_name_list: default : class: Kitpages\FileBundle\Entity\File data_dir_prefix: /default Extendentity : class: App\SiteBundle\Entity\Extendentity data_dir_prefix: /ExtendentityDir