Used to manage the display of a \DateTimeInterface in the right timezone.

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This bundle is used to manage the display of a \DateTimeInterface in the right timezone.

The common case is a project with all the \DateTimeInterface objects are in UTC (in the DB, in PHP, ...) but the user can change the timezone in his preferences in order to display the dates with its own timezone.

Quick start


composer require kibatic/timezone-bundle

in config.yml

    default_display_timezone: "Europe/Paris"    # mandatory
    timezone_provider: "App\\Timezone\\MyTimezoneProvider"   # optional

in php

/** @var \DateTimeInterface $date */
$date = new \DateTimeImmutable();

$tzAdjuster = $container->get('kibatic_timezone.adjuster');
$dateTimeImmutable = $tzAdjuster->asDateTimeImmutable($date);
$dateTime = $tzAdjuster->asDateTime($date);

in twig the syntax of tzdate is exactly the same as the twig date filter. (it calls the default date filter. The only difference is that the timezone argument is set to false by default)

{{ date | tzdate }}
{{ date | tzdate('Y/m/d') }}

Localized date

You can use the new twig : tzlocalizeddate filter. It has the same interface than the localizeddate filter from twig-extension intl, but with a $timezone to false by default.

In order to make it work, you have to enable intl extension in your config.yaml file.

        class: Twig\Extensions\IntlExtension
            - { name: twig.extension }

Then use

{{ date | tzlocalizeddate('short', 'short') }}
{{ date | tzlocalizeddate('long', 'long') }}
{{ date | tzlocalizeddate }}

Timezone Provider

A timezone Provider is a service that implements TimezoneProviderInterface.

It's a service that is used to know the current timezone to display (for a webpage, an API, in a command, for an export,...)

It implements TimezoneProviderInterface

The adjuster as twig global variable

If needed, you can add the adjuster as a twig global variable :

in config/packages/twig.yaml, you can add

    timezoneAdjuster: '@kibatic_timezone.adjuster'

and then in any twig you can use the adjuster

<div>Timezone : {{ timezoneAdjuster.displayTimezone().name }}</div>

{# convertir un datetime en datetime avec la bone timezone #}
{{ timezoneAdjuster.asDateTime(date) }}


2019-10-14 : v1.1.1

  • hum... fix unit tests in travis for v1.1.0

2019-10-14 : v1.1.0

  • Readme updated
  • add tzlocalizeddate twig filter

2019-10-11 : v1.0.2

  • only for sf4.3+

2019-10-11 : v1.0.1

  • fix deprecation in Configurator for sf4

2019-10-11 : v1.0.0

  • initial publication