A paginator library to split results into multiple pages

v1.2.0 2016-10-01 14:58 UTC


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Pager is a library to split results to multiple pages - any way you want them!


  • 5 built-in adapters for arrays, Doctrine ORM, ElasticSearch & MongoDB;
  • safe subset of methods to not even count items;
  • strategies to split pages inequally (i.e. 2 last pages merged);
  • integrates nicely with Symfony's HttpKernel to infer the current page;
  • provides a bundle to seamlessly integrate with Symfony;


Read the documentation


Two objects work together to split a set of items to pages: pager and adapter. Pagers act as factories for pages. Adapters allow concrete item sets to be paged (for example there's an adapter for Doctrine queries).

Here's an example with arrays (check out the docs for more):


use KG\Pager\Pager;
use KG\Pager\Adapter\ArrayAdapter;

$list = ['apple', 'banana', 'cucumber', 'dragonfruit', 'eggplant'];
$itemsPerPage = 2;
$currentPage = 3;

$pager = new Pager();
$page = $pager->paginate(new ArrayAdapter($list), $itemsPerPage, $currentPage);

$page->isFirst(); // false
$page->isLast(); // true - there's a total of 3 pages
$page->getNumber(); // 3 - it's $currentPage

count($page->getItems()); // 1
$page->getItems(); // ["eggplant"]



Install using composer: composer.phar require kgilden/pager


Simply run phpunit in the root directory of the library for the full test suite.


This library is under the MIT license.