Package to install CodeIgniter3 via Composer with secure folder structure.

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This package installs the offical CodeIgniter (version 3.1.*) with secure folder structure via Composer.

You can update CodeIgniter system folder to latest version with one command.

Folder Structure

├── application/
├── composer.json
├── composer.lock
├── public/
│   ├── .htaccess
│   └── index.php
└── vendor/
    └── codeigniter/
        └── framework/
            └── system/


How to Use

Install CodeIgniter

$ composer create-project kenjis/codeigniter-composer-installer codeigniter

Above command installs public/.htaccess to remove index.php in your URL. If you don't need it, please remove it.

And it changes application/config/config.php:

$config['composer_autoload'] = FALSE;
$config['composer_autoload'] = realpath(APPPATH . '../vendor/autoload.php');
$config['index_page'] = 'index.php';
$config['index_page'] = '';

Install Translations for System Messages

If you want to install translations for system messages:

$ cd /path/to/codeigniter
$ php bin/install.php translations 3.1.0

Install Third Party Libraries

Codeigniter Matches CLI:

$ php bin/install.php matches-cli master

CodeIgniter HMVC Modules:

$ php bin/install.php hmvc-modules master

Modular Extensions - HMVC:

$ php bin/install.php modular-extensions-hmvc codeigniter-3.x

Ion Auth:

$ php bin/install.php ion-auth 2

CodeIgniter3 Filename Checker:

$ php bin/install.php filename-checker master

CodeIgniter Rest Server:

$ php bin/install.php restserver 2.7.2

CodeIgniter Developer Toolbar:

$ php bin/install.php codeigniter-develbar master

Run PHP built-in server (PHP 5.4 or later)

$ cd /path/to/codeigniter
$ bin/

Update CodeIgniter

$ cd /path/to/codeigniter
$ composer update

You must update files manually if files in application folder or index.php change. Check CodeIgniter User Guide.


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