A command-line tool for CodeIgniter 3.0

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This package provides a Cli tool for CodeIgniter 3.0.

This includes a few commands and you can create your commands easily.

This is based on Aura.Cli_Project 2.0.

Included Commands

generate migration ... Generates migration file skeleton.
migrate            ... Run migrations.
migrate status     ... List all migration files and versions.
seed               ... Seed the database.
run                ... Run controller.

Folder Structure

├── application/
├── ci_instance.php ... script to generate CodeIgniter instance
├── cli             ... command file
├── config/         ... config folder
└── vendor/


  • PHP 5.4.0 or later
  • composer command
  • Git


Install this project with Composer:

$ cd /path/to/codeigniter/
$ composer require kenjis/codeigniter-cli --dev

Install command file (cli) and config files (config/) to your CodeIgniter project:

$ php vendor/kenjis/codeigniter-cli/install.php
  • Above command always overwrites exisiting files.
  • You must run it at CodeIgniter project root folder.

Fix the paths in ci_instance.php if you need.

$system_path        = 'vendor/codeigniter/framework/system';
$application_folder = 'application';
$doc_root           = 'public'; // where index.php is

If you install CodeIgniter using codeigniter-composer-installer, you don't have to change them.


Show command list.

$ cd /path/to/codeigniter/
$ php cli

Show help for a command.

$ php cli help seed

Create Database Seeds

Seeder class must be placed in application/database/seeds folder.



class ProductSeeder extends Seeder {

	public function run()

		$data = [
			'category_id' => 1,
			'name' => 'CodeIgniter Book',
			'detail' => 'Very good CodeIgniter book.',
			'price' => 3800,
		$this->db->insert('product', $data);

		$data = [
			'category_id' => 2,
			'name' => 'CodeIgniter CD',
			'detail' => 'Great CodeIgniter CD.',
			'price' => 4800,
		$this->db->insert('product', $data);

		$data = [
			'category_id' => 3,
			'name' => 'CodeIgniter DVD',
			'detail' => 'Awesome CodeIgniter DVD.',
			'price' => 5800,
		$this->db->insert('product', $data);


Create User Command

Command class name must be *Command.php and be placed in application/commands folder.



class TestCommand extends Command {

	public function __invoke()
		$this->stdio->outln('<<green>>This is TestCommand class<<reset>>');


Command Help class name must be *CommandHelp.php and be placed in application/commands folder.



class TestCommandHelp extends Help {

	public function init()
		$this->setSummary('A single-line summary.');
		$this->setUsage('<arg1> <arg2>');
			'f,foo' => "The -f/--foo option description",
			'bar::' => "The --bar option description",
		$this->setDescr("A multi-line description of the command.");



How to Run Tests

To run tests, you must install CodeIgniter first.

$ composer create-project kenjis/codeigniter-composer-installer codeigniter
$ cd codeigniter
$ composer require kenjis/codeigniter-cli:1.0.x@dev --dev
$ php vendor/kenjis/codeigniter-cli/install.php
$ cd vendor/kenjis/codeigniter-cli
$ composer install
$ phpunit

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