A Simple and Secure Twig integration for CodeIgniter

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This package provides simple Twig integration for CodeIgniter 4.x.

If you use CodeIgniter3, check master branch.


  • PHP 7.2 or later
  • CodeIgniter 4.0.4 or later
  • Twig 3.1.1 or later


With Composer

$ cd /path/to/codeigniter/
$ composer require kenjis/codeigniter-ss-twig


Loading Twig Library

$this->twig = new \Kenjis\CI4Twig\Twig();

You can override the default configuration:

$config = [
	'paths' => ['/path/to/twig/templates', VIEWPATH],
	'cache' => '/path/to/twig/cache',
$this->twig = new \Kenjis\CI4Twig\Twig($config);

Rendering Templates

Render Twig template and output to browser:

$this->twig->display('welcome', $data);

The above code renders Views/welcome.twig.

Render Twig template:

$output = $this->twig->render('welcome', $data);

The above code renders Views/welcome.twig.

Adding a Global Variable

$this->twig->addGlobal('sitename', 'My Awesome Site');

Getting Twig\Environment Instance

$twig = $this->twig->getTwig();

Supported CodeIgniter Helpers

  • base_url
  • site_url
  • anchor
  • form_open
  • form_close
  • form_error
  • form_hidden
  • set_value

Some helpers are added the functionality of auto-escaping for security.

Adding Your Functions

You can add your functions with configuration:

$config = [
	'functions' => ['my_helper'],
	'functions_safe' => ['my_safe_helper'],
$this->twig = new \Kenjis\CI4Twig\Twig($config);

If your function explicitly outputs HTML code, you will want the raw output to be printed. In such a case, use functions_safe, and you have to make sure the output of the function is XSS free.





How to Run Tests

$ cd codeigniter-ss-twig
$ composer install
$ vendor/bin/phpunit

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