This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the siteforever/site-forever-cms package instead.

Simple CMS for PHP and MySQL


Siteforever CMS - It is opensource CMS on PHP >= 5.6 and MySql 5.*

Distributed under The MIT License

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CMS SiteForever we have created in order to facilitate the programmers to develop sites at different levels of complexity, and their customers to help manage the site using a simple interface.

Our task - to make the creation and management of the site as simple as possible, using rich Web. The system interface is intuitive controls SiteForever anyone with the slightest experience with personal computers.

Content management system and framework for her writing in PHP. As a database server DBMS MySQL. This allows the system to run on most hosting platforms. SiteForeverCMS written in such a way that does not make any extra database query, thus speeding up the work of the whole site. In connection with this site, built on SiteForeverCMS will work stably even on a non-expensive hosting Tariff maintaining large attendance.