Fills parameters from AWS SSM into an .env file

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Fetches parameters from AWS SSM from a given parameter namespace (prefix) and region. Stores the parameters as an .env file.


The executable takes thee parmeters:

  • destination file
  • parameter namespace (starts and ends with slash)
  • AWS region


aws-parameter-filler .env /company/my-application/ us-east-1

AWS credentials with GetParametersByPath and GetParameter permissons must be available in any of the standard ways.


Clone this repository and init the workspace with following command:

git clone
cd aws-parameter-filler
docker-compose build

Use test-cf-stack.json to create a testing stack. Create an access key for the generated user. Also manually create SecureString parameter, which cannot be created with cloudformation template:

Name: /keboola/$STACKNAME/aws-parameter-filler/six
Value: SuperSecretValue
Type: SecureString
Description: Parameter filler test - Encrypted parameter

Set the following environment variables (or use .env.template):

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - From the created access key.
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - From the created acces key.
  • TEST_NAMESPACE - The value of the Namespace stack output.
  • TEST_REGION - The value of the Region stack output.

Run the test suite using this command:

docker-compose run

Composer Integration

The utility is usable with composer. Add the library to your project by running:

composer require keboola/aws-parameter-filler

Then add the following to your composer.json:

"scripts": {
	"get-parameters": "aws-parameter-filler .env /my-stack/ us-east-1"

Running composer get-parameters will then download parameters with the specified namespace and store them in .env file of the application root. Environment variables may also be used:

"scripts": {
	"get-parameters": "aws-parameter-filler .env /keboola/$KEBOOLA_STACK/runner-sync-api/ $KEBOOLA_STACK_REGION"