Pre-configured PHP7.1 Nette sandbox.

1.0.2 2017-12-14 10:28 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-12 02:23:16 UTC


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Pre-configured PHP7.1 Nette sandbox.


composer create-project jzechy/sandbox-z

Composer dependencies

Sandbox have pre-configured and ready this packages:

  • nette/nette Nette Framework Metta package.
  • kdyby/translation Translation extension.
  • kdyby/console Implementation of Symfony console.
  • nextras/mail-panel Capturing emails into Tracy Debugger bar.
  • nextras/orm Database ORM extension.
  • nextras/migrations Database migrations.
  • nette/tester PHP unit testing. Dev dependency.

Composer projects

Composer helpful project, installed after Sandbox-Z composer installation.

  • nette/code-checker A simple tool to check source code against a set of Nette coding standards.


  • components Folder for common components.
  • config Project configuration files.
  • lang Language resources for translator.
  • model Folder for model classes.
  • modules Folder for application modules.
    • front Default Front module.
  • presenter Folder for common presenters.

Basic classes

  • BasePresenter Base presenter class.
  • Component Base class for components.
  • Form Base class for form components.
  • Orm Nextras ORM model class fo repositories.
  • RouterFactory Default routing class.

BIN files

  • code.bat File to run code-checker for all files in app folder.
  • console.bat File to run Kdyby\Console.