Base for mapping support with Doctrine annotations

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Base mapping parsing library for any kind of project or library.

This library frees you from the most tedious part of mapping parsing by providing a set of functionalities to easily load mappings either from Doctrine annotations or files of different formats (PHP, JSON, XML, YAML), so you can focus on the actual parsing of mappings into metadata you can use onwards.


Full implementation examples of this library can be found at



composer require juliangut/mapping

To use mappings in class annotations

composer require doctrine/annotations

To use yaml files mappings

composer require symfony/yaml


Require composer autoload file

require './vendor/autoload.php';


Should retrieve parsed metadata stored in a specific format

Annotation mapping

use Doctrine\Common\Annotations\AnnotationReader;
use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\AbstractAnnotationDriver;

class AnnotationDriver extends AbstractAnnotationDriver
     * @return \Jgut\Mapping\Metadata\MetadataInterface[]
    public function getMetadata(): array
        $mappingClasses = $this->getMappingClasses();

        // Annotation reader available on $this->annotationReader

        // Return your parsed metadata

$driver = new AnnotationDriver(['path/to/classes'], new AnnotationReader());


File mapping

Any kind of format that can be returned on an array can be used

use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\AbstractMappingDriver;
use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\Traits\PhpMappingTrait;
use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\DriverInterface;

class PhpDriver extends AbstractMappingDriver
    use PhpMappingTrait;

     * @return \Jgut\Mapping\Metadata\MetadataInterface[]
    public function getMetadata(): array
        $mappingData = $this->getMappingData();

        // Return your parsed metadata

$driver = new MappingDriver(['path/to/classes'], DriverInterface::DRIVER_PHP);


There are mapping traits to easily support four types of mapping files:

  • DriverInterface::DRIVER_PHP => Jgut\Mapping\Driver\Traits\PhpMappingTrait
  • DriverInterface::DRIVER_JSON => Jgut\Mapping\Driver\Traits\JsonMappingTrait
  • DriverInterface::DRIVER_XML => Jgut\Mapping\Driver\Traits\XmlMappingTrait
  • DriverInterface::DRIVER_YAML => Jgut\Mapping\Driver\Traits\YamlMappingTrait


Create your driver factory extending from Jgut\Mapping\Driver\AbstractDriverFactory, it allows to automatically get a mapping driver from mapping sources

use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\AbstractDriverFactory;
use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\DriverFactoryInterface;
use Jgut\Mapping\Driver\DriverInterface;

class DriverFactory extends AbstractDriverFactory
    protected function getAnnotationDriver(array $paths): DriverInterface
        return new AnnotationDriver($paths);

    protected function getPhpDriver(array $paths): DriverInterface
        return new PhpDriver($paths);

    // ...


Given mapping source definitions, metadata resolver will resolve final metadata using a driver factory

use Jgut\Mapping\Metadata\MetadataResolver;

$mappingSources = [
        'type' => DriverFactoryInterface::DRIVER_ANNOTATION,
        'path' => '/path/to/mapping/files',

$metadataResolver = new MetadataResolver(new DriverFactory(), new PSR16Cache());

$metadata = $metadataResolver->getMetadata($mappingSources);

It's not mandatory but highly recommended to add a PSR-16 cache implementation to metadata resolver, collecting mapping data from annotations and/or files and transforming them into metadata objects can be an intensive operation that benefits vastly of caching

Mapping source

Define where your mapping data is and how it will be parsed

  • type one of \Jgut\Mapping\Driver\DriverFactoryInterface constants: DRIVER_ANNOTATION, DRIVER_PHP, DRIVER_JSON, DRIVER_XML or DRIVER_YAML defaults to DRIVER_ANNOTATION if no driver
  • path a string path or array of paths to where mapping files are located (files or directories) REQUIRED if no driver
  • driver an already created \Jgut\Mapping\Driver\DriverInterface object REQUIRED if no type AND path


Base AbstractAnnotation class is provided to ease annotations creation.

use Jgut\Mapping\Annotation\AbstractAnnotation;

 * Custom annotation.
 * @Annotation
 * @Target("PROPERTY")
class Custom extends AbstractAnnotation


Found a bug or have a feature request? Please open a new issue. Have a look at existing issues before.



See file LICENSE included with the source code for a copy of the license terms.