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GPS coordinates manipulation

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Juliangut GPS coordinates manipulation

GPS coordination handler and manipulation library.


Best way to install is using Composer:

php composer.phar require juliangut/gps

Then require_once the autoload file:

require_once './vendor/autoload.php';


// Create a point with or without coordinates
$gpsPoint = new Point();
$gpsPoint = new Point('48° 0.858277778N, 2°0.2945 E'); // Eiffel tower

// Set coordinates together
$gpsPoint->set('41.9, 12.5'); // Rome

// Set separated coordinates for Empire State Building
$this->point->setLatitude('40°44′ 54.3″N');
$this->point->setLongitude('73° 59′9″ W');

echo $gpsPoint->get(Point::FORMAT_DD); // Default if none especified
echo $gpsPoint->get(Point::FORMAT_DM);
echo $gpsPoint->get(Point::FORMAT_DMS);

Available formats

Any of the following formats can be used to set and retrieve GPS coordinates:

  • Decimal Degrees (DD) Point::FORMAT_DD, eg: '41.9,12.5'
  • Decimal Minutes (DM) Point::FORMAT_DM, eg: '48°0.858277778N 2°0.2945E'
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) Point::FORMAT_DMS, eg: '40°44′54.3″N,73°59′9″W'


When setting coordinates spaces and comma are completely optional, there is no difference between , 40° 44′ 54.3″ N, 73° 59′ 9″ W and 40°44′54.3″N73°59′9″W

When setting coordinates you can use or ' for minutes and or " for seconds (review raw document to see the difference between them)

When retrieving coordinates won't have any spaces

When retrieving coordinates ' and " will be used for minutes and seconds. Coordinates will be comma separated


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Release under BSD-3-Clause License.

See file LICENSE included with the source code for a copy of the license terms