Map JSON structures to PHP classes


JsonMapper is a PHP library that allows you to map a JSON response to your PHP objects that are either annotated using doc blocks or use typed properties. For more information see the project website: https://jsonmapper.net/

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Why use JsonMapper

Continuously mapping your JSON responses to your own objects becomes tedious and is error-prone. Not mentioning the tests that needs to be written for said mapping.

JsonMapper has been build with the most common usages in mind. In order to allow for those edge cases which are not supported by default, it can easily be extended as its core has been designed using middleware.

JsonMapper supports the following features

  • Case conversion
  • Debugging
  • DocBlock annotations
  • Final callback
  • Namespace resolving
  • PHP 7.4 Types properties

Installing JsonMapper

The installation of JsonMapper can easily be done with Composer

$ composer require json-mapper/json-mapper

The example shown above assumes that composer is on your $PATH.

How do I use JsonMapper

Given the following class definition

namespace JsonMapper\Tests\Implementation;

class SimpleObject
    /** @var string */
    private $name;

    public function getName(): string
        return $this->name;

    public function setName(string $name): void
        $this->name = $name;

Combined with the following JsonMapper code as part of your application

$mapper = (new \JsonMapper\JsonMapperFactory())->default();
$object = new \JsonMapper\Tests\Implementation\SimpleObject();

$mapper->mapObject(json_decode('{ "name": "John Doe" }'), $object);


The above example will output:

class JsonMapper\Tests\Implementation\SimpleObject#1 (1) {
  private $name =>
  string(8) "John Doe"

Customizing JsonMapper

Writing your own middleware has been made as easy as possible with an AbstractMiddleware that can be extended with the functionality you need for your project.

use JsonMapper;

$mapper = (new JsonMapper\JsonMapperFactory())->bestFit();
$mapper->push(new class extends JsonMapper\Middleware\AbstractMiddleware {
    public function handle(
        \stdClass $json,
        JsonMapper\Wrapper\ObjectWrapper $object,
        JsonMapper\ValueObjects\PropertyMap $map,
        JsonMapper\JsonMapperInterface $mapper
    ): void {
        /* Custom logic here */


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for information on how to contribute to JsonMapper.

List of Contributors

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to JsonMapper! You can find a detailed list of contributors of JsonMapper on GitHub.



This project is sponsored by JetBrains providing an open source license to continue building on JsonMapper without cost.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.