TYPO3 view helper to load extension configuration in JavaScript

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TYPO3 EXT:conf_js

Access your ext_conf in JavaScript

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Install this extension with composer.

composer require jop-software/typo3-conf-js


The extension provides a simple ViewHelper that generated a <script> tag that makes the configuration available in JavaScript. The ViewHelper gets the extKey as an input, so you can control from which configuration you want to load the configuration.

Execute the ViewHelper in a fluid template

{namespace confJs=JopSoftware\TYPO3\ConfJs\ViewHelpers}
<confJs:extensionConfiguration extKey="my_ext_key" />

And access the Configuration in JavaScript later

let configuration = window.extConf.get("my_ext_key");

You can also find an extension, implementing this behaviour for testing in ./Tests/Packages/testing-site-package.


Many times the extension configuration of an extension does contain secret information - like API Keys - that should not get exposed to the end user.

Currently, the extension always exports the entire extension configuration, but you can choose which extensions get exposed.

There already exists an issue (#4) about only exposing parts of the extension configuration, but this is not implemented at the moment.

Supported TYPO3 Versions

Local Development

We use DDEV for local development.

You get a complete ddev setup in this repository, just run ddev start.


This project is licensed under GPL-2.0-or-later, see the LICENSE file for more information.

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