Share Laravel application with ngrok.

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Share Laravel application with ngrok

This package allows you to share your Laravel application with ngrok.


  • Ngrok >= 2.2.8 (If you are using Laravel Homestead this should be already installed)

Version Compatibility

Laravel Laravel Ngrok
5.8.x 1.x
6.x 1.x
7.x 1.x
8.x 2.x
9.x 2.x


You can install the package via composer:

composer require --dev jn-jairo/laravel-ngrok

The NgrokServiceProvider will be automatically registered for you.


Just call the artisan command to start the ngrok.

php artisan ngrok

The parameters for ngrok will be extracted from your application.

Advanced usage

php artisan ngrok [options] [--] [<host-header>]
Argument Description
host-header Host header to identify the app (Example: myapp.test)
Option Description
-H, --host[=HOST] Host to tunnel the requests (default: localhost)
-P, --port[=PORT] Port to tunnel the requests (default: 80)
-E, --extra[=EXTRA] Extra arguments to ngrok command (multiple values allowed)


# If you have multiples apps (myapp.test, my-other-app.test, ...)
# set it in the app.url configuration
# or pass it in the host-header argument

php artisan ngrok myapp.test

# If you use a different port, set it in the app.url configuration
# or pass it in the --port option

php artisan ngrok --port=8000 myapp.test

# If you use docker and have containers like (nginx, php, workspace)
# and wanna run the command inside the workspace container
# pass the name of the container the requests will tunnel through

php artisan ngrok --host=nginx example.com

# If you wanna pass other arguments directly to ngrok
# use the --extra or -E option

php artisan ngrok --extra='--region=eu' -E'--config=ngrok.yml'


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.