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Translation for developers

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In esperanto TRADUKOJ means translations (and is pronounced with the stress in the U)

Please: follow @tradukoj in twitter to be updated!.

The official site of tradukoj is https://www.tradukoj.com.

  1. Installing

When it comes to installing you have the following options.

Use Composer create-project (recommended)

As Symfony uses Composer to manage its dependencies, the recommended way to create a new project is to use it.

If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions on http://getcomposer.org/ or just run the following command:

curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Then, use the create-project command to generate a new Symfony application:

php composer.phar create-project jlaso/tradukoj path/to/install

composer create-project --repository-url=http://tradukoj.dev  jlaso/tradukoj tradukoj

Composer will install Tradukoj and all its dependencies under the path/to/install directory.

Use Composer and start virtual server

Please, note that vagrant and bindfs need to bee installed into the system

vagrant plugin install vagrant-bindfs

if you get an error for vboxsf upping vagrant check this link

move to vagrant folder (cd vagrant) and start vagrant machine with vagrant up, please get some coffee for the first time

  1. Checking your System Configuration

Before starting coding, make sure that your local system is properly configured for Symfony.

Execute the check.php script from the command line:

php app/check.php

If you get any warnings or recommendations, fix them before moving on.

  1. Getting started with Tradukoj

If the vagrant machine has been started successfully, you have to upload the local translations to the server (yes, it's the same machine) whith this command:

# enter into the machine
vagrant ssh
# and run
cd /vagrant
/usr/bin/env php  app/console jlaso:translations:sync --upload-first=yes

For an unknow reason this last step can not be launched by ansible (MemoryError).

If all works fine you can enter in the browser with the URL

  1. Collaboration

Please, feel free to contribute, or proposal improvements.

Thank you so much to spend your time testing this project.

  1. Bundles

Currently there are two bundles to communicate symfony2 projects or not with tradukoj, in order to centralize translations.

The connection between this modules and the server occurs with socket native implementation. The explanation of this solution has been explained for me in several occasions:

Explanations in english are welcome.