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A simple login system which can be used as a standalone package or extended as a package in whatever framework you prefer.

Simple login comes with a very simple dependency container. The container implements the PSR-11 container interface. Which makes it possible to switch to any other PSR-11 compatible container.
Most interfaces extends the PSR-3 LoggerAwareInterface, the default logger is a NullLogger which ignores all output, it can easily be changed to another logged by binding the PSR\Log\LoggerInterface binding in the container or Config class.


composer require jitesoft/simple-login


Out of the box

A few of the interfaces in the package have to be implemented to be able to use the package.
Those include:

  • Jitesoft\SimpleLogin\Auth\AuthenticableInterface
  • Jitesoft\SimpleLogin\Auth\AuthenticableRepositoryInterface

When implemented they have to be added to the package config to be possible to be used by the package.

The AuthenticableInterface is supposed to be implemented by the User model of the project and the AuthenticableRepositoryInterface should handle fetching of the user from whichever database or similar that is used.
In the example directory, you can find a simple example of a implemented repository using PDO.

Changing the interfaces

Most of the SimpleLogin classes can be changed to your own if wanted. In most cases the interfaces just have to be bound to your own class and it should work right away.
Following is a list of interfaces that are used inside the system to make it work:

  • CookieHandlerInterface (Defaults to normal cookies).
  • CryptoInterface (Defaults to the blowfish algorithm).
  • SessionStorageInterface (Defaults to normal sessions).

The default implementations should be sufficient enough for most systems, but they can be easily changed by setting your bindings when constructing the Config object that you pass into the Jitesoft\SimpleLogin\Auth\Authenticator constructor.

If you wish to change the Container to another PSR-11 container, you can create a new Config class which inherits from the Jitesoft\SimpleLogin\Config class. Set the protected $container field to your specific Container implementation and it will be used instead.

By default the following implementations are bound via the Config file:


In the example directory two examples can be found.

The LoginLogout example shows how to easily use the system to login and logout from a service. To test it, just serve the index file via php (php -S localhost:8000) and navigate to localhost:8000 in the browser. The faked user's password and username are both admin.

The Repository example shows how to easily implement your own repository to be used in the system, it uses a PDO object to handle the database queries.