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PHP GitHub Webhook

GitHub Webhook using Zend Expressive (PHP)


composer create-project jbelien/github-webhook


Create a config.php file in config/application directory :


return [
    'token' => 'your_webhook_token',
    'endpoints' => [
            'repository' => 'jbelien/myrepo',
            'branch' => 'master', // required for PUSH event
            'run' => '',
  • Replace your_webhook_token by the token you provided in your webhook settings (see hereunder) ;
  • Replace jbelien/myrepo by your repository ;
  • Change the branch name if needed ;
  • The run option can be one (string) or a list (array) of command to execute ;

You can provide as many endpoints as needed ! For instance, if you need to use this "PHP GitHub Webhook" with more than one repository.


  1. Go in the "Settings" tab of your repository ;
  2. Go in "Webhooks"
  3. Create a new webhook
  4. Put the link to the webhook in "Payload URL" : something like http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS/webhook ; don't forget to add the /webhook after your IP address or domain name !
  5. Choose application/json as "Content type"
  6. I suggest to add a token in "Secret" (don't forget to define it in your config.php file)
  7. You only need to send the push (or release) events.