Jaxon is an open source PHP library for easily creating Ajax web applications

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The Jaxon core library

Jaxon is an open source PHP library for easily creating Ajax web applications. It allows into a web page to make direct Ajax calls to PHP classes that will in turn update its content, without reloading the entire page.

Jaxon is a fork of the Xajax PHP library.

This package is the Jaxon core library. Several plugins are provided in separate packages.


  • All the Jaxon classes in a directory can be registered in one shot, possibly with a namespace.
  • The configuration settings can be loaded from a file. Supported formats are JSON, YAML and PHP.
  • The library provides pagination feature out of the box.
  • The library is modular, and consists of a core package and several plugin packages.
  • The javascript library is provided in a separated and javascript-only package, loaded by default from the jsDelivr CDN.
  • The generated javascript classes are named according to their namespace or the subdirectory where they are located.
  • All PHP packages install with Composer, are fully namespaced, and implement PSR-4 autoloading.
  • The library natively implements Ajax file upload.
  • Up to version 3, the library runs on PHP versions 5.4 to 7.X. The version 4 runs on PHP versions 7.1 to 8.X.


The project documentation is available in English and French.

Some sample codes (only for version 2.x) are provided in the jaxon-php/jaxon-examples package, and demonstrated in the website.


  • Issue Tracker: github.com/jaxon-php/jaxon-core/issues
  • Source Code: github.com/jaxon-php/jaxon-core


The project is licensed under the BSD license.