PlantUml wrapper to convert puml diagrams to images.

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PlantUml to image

PlantUml wrapper to convert .puml diagrams into images.

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This package provides three methods:

  1. \Jawira\PlantUmlToImage\PlantUml::convertTo
  2. \Jawira\PlantUmlToImage\PlantUml::setJar
  3. \Jawira\PlantUmlToImage\PlantUml::isPlantUmlAvailable

Convert .puml diagram to image

It's up to you to load your diagram from disk, then use \Jawira\PlantUmlToImage\PlantUml to convert the diagram to another format, after conversion, it's up to you to save new image to disk:

use Jawira\PlantUmlToImage\Format;
use Jawira\PlantUmlToImage\PlantUml;

// Load diagram
$puml = file_get_contents('./diagram.puml');

// Convert to png
$plantUml = new PlantUml();
$png = $plantUml->convertTo($puml, Format::PNG);

// Save diagram
file_put_contents('./diagram.png', $png);

Set Jar location

Specify the location of plantuml.jar:


You don't need to set Jar location in the following cases:

  1. You have downloaded PlantUML with jawira/plantuml , (location vendor/jawira/plantuml/bin/plantuml.jar).
  2. If you have installed PlantUML with apt-get (location /usr/share/plantuml/plantuml.jar).
  3. Or if you have plantuml command installed.

Check PlantUml availability

An exception is thrown when jar can't be found, use this method to avoid the exception.

if ($plantUml->isPlantUmlAvailable()) {
  echo 'PlantUml is available.', PHP_EOL;
} else {
  echo 'Sorry, cannot convert diagram.', PHP_EOL;

How to install

$ composer require jawira/plantuml-to-image


This package needs PlantUml (https://plantuml.com/en/download) as an executable or as a Jar file, note that PlantUml has its own requirements (https://plantuml.com/en/starting).

As an alternative, you can install PlantUml with Composer:

$ composer require jawira/plantuml


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This library is licensed under the MIT license.

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