A compact command line utility for checking YAML file syntax

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A compact command line utility for checking YAML file syntax. Uses the parsing facility of the Symfony Yaml Component.


usage: yaml-lint [options] [input source]

  input source    Path to file(s), or "-" to read from standard input

  -q, --quiet     Restrict output to syntax errors
  -h, --help      Display this help
  -V, --version   Display application version


Install as a project component with Composer (executable from the project's vendor/bin directory):

composer require j13k/yaml-lint

Typically, a binary edition (yaml-lint.phar) is also available for download with each release. This embeds the latest stable version of the Symfony Yaml component that is current at the time of the release.

Change log

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENCE for more information.