Work with the IpGeoBase's database using Propel

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Work with the IpGeoBase's database using Propel


1. Add it-blaster/ip-geo-base-bundle to your composer.json:

"require": {
    "it-blaster/ip-geo-base-bundle": "1.0.*"

2. Register the bundle in AppKernel.php:

new Fenrizbes\IpGeoBaseBundle\FenrizbesIpGeoBaseBundle(),

3. Build models, generate and apply a migration.

4. Run a command that imports all the IpGeoBase data:

php app/console ipgeobase:update


The bundle's service ip_geo_base contains two methods:

  1. getIpInfo returns information about IP (a range and a country code) or null.
  2. getIpCity returns an instance of a GeoCity model or null. You can configure the default city which is returned if there is no any right city in the database (see the Configuration section).

By default the IP-address is taken from Symfony Request but you can pass it manually if you want:



There are two optional parameters that you can set:

  1. default_city - the default city ID. You can look it out in the geo_city table.
  2. enabled - the state of IP detection service (default true). You can set false if you need to disable this service for a while. In this case the getIpCity method will always return null or the default city (if it configured).

An example:

    default_city: 2732
    enabled: false

Import and update data

The bundle contains a command which import data (if you run it first time) or update it:

php app/console ipgeobase:update

By default the data file is taken from URL. If you want to change the data source you can pass your URL to the source option:

php app/console ipgeobase:update --source=""

or download the archive by yourself and pass a local path:

php app/console ipgeobase:update --source="/path/to/"

Also you have an ability to update the data from text files (but remember that they must be named the same way as ones in the IpGeoBase's archive):

php app/console ipgeobase:update --source="/path/to/cities.txt"
php app/console ipgeobase:update --source="/path/to/cidr_optim.txt"