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PHP Package to make microservices consistent

1.0 2019-09-27 12:14 UTC

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Islamic Network MicroSevice Helpers

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This is a group of various PHP helpers that have been extrapolated from the AlAdhan and AlQuran APIs.

They can be used on any projects that use PHP 7.1+.

Current Packages

  1. A Response helper, which standardizes JSON responses for APIs by including the HTTP code and status in the response itself. See, for example.
  2. Health check monitors for:
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • MySQL


composer require islamic-network/microservice-helpers

How to Use to Build a Healthcheck page, for instance

use IslamicNetwork\MicroServiceHelpers\Monitors\Memcached;
use IslamicNetwork\MicroServiceHelpers\Monitors\Redis;
use use IslamicNetwork\MicroServiceHelpers\Monitors\MySql;
use IslamicNetwork\MicroServiceHelpers\Formatters\Response;

// Create monitors
$memcachedMonitor = new Memcached($host, $port);
$redisMonitor = new Redis($host, $port);
$mysqlMonitor = new MySql($host, $port);

if (!$memcachedMonitor || !$redisMonitor || !$mysqlMonitor) {
    $httpCode = 500;
} else {
    $httpCode = 200;

        'memcached' => $memcachedMonitor->status(),
        'redis' => $redisMonitor->status(),
        'mysql' => $mysqlMonitor->status(),