IronCore Tenant Security Client for PHP

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Tenant Security Client PHP Library

A PHP client for implementing CMK within a vendor's infrastructure. Makes requests through an IronCore Tenant Security Proxy to tenants' KMS/logging infrastructures.

This project is still in very early stages, but will eventually implement everything that is in our Java and Node SDKs.

Getting started

A good place to start is the TenantSecurityClient class, which is what the consumer should always interact with. You can also go check out the examples.

If you're looking for more examples the usage is very similar to that shown in our Java Examples.


We generate documentation for this library using PHPDoc and publish it to

Design Choices

Error handling

Functions which can error may throw TenantSecurityException to indicate that they've failed.

Http and Aes library choices

This library uses CURL for http requests and OpenSSL for AES encryption/decryption.

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