PHP image manipulation

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PHP Image Processing

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Intervention Image is a PHP image processing library that provides a simple and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. It features a unified API for the two most popular image manipulation extensions. You can choose between the GD library or Imagick as the base layer for all operations.

  • Simple interface for common image editing tasks
  • Interchangeable driver architecture
  • Support for animated images
  • Framework-agnostic
  • PSR-12 compliant


You can easily install this library using Composer. Just request the package with the following command:

composer require intervention/image

Getting Started

Learn the basics on how to use Intervention Image and more with the official documentation.

Code Examples

use Intervention\Image\ImageManager;

// create image manager with desired driver
$manager = new ImageManager(
    new Intervention\Image\Drivers\Gd\Driver()

// open an image file
$image = $manager->read('images/example.gif');

// resize image instance
$image->resize(height: 300);

// insert a watermark

// encode edited image
$encoded = $image->toJpg();

// save encoded image


  • PHP >= 8.1

Supported Image Libraries

  • GD Library
  • Imagick PHP extension


If you discover any security related issues, please email directly.


This library is developed and maintained by Oliver Vogel

Thanks to the community of contributors who have helped to improve this project.


Intervention Image is licensed under the MIT License.