Support for multiple GeoIP services.

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Determine the geographical location and currency of website visitors based on their IP addresses.

About this fork

We have forked Torann/laravel-geoip as it’s almost not maintained anymore. This fork works with modern PHP versions only (8.0+). Also, as for any InteractionDesignFoundation project, we are going to improving code quality by using types, static analysers, tests and linters. But don’t worry, we are using SemVer 2.0.


From the command line run:

composer require interaction-design-foundation/laravel-geoip

Publish the configurations

Run this on the command line from the root of your project:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="InteractionDesignFoundation\GeoIP\GeoIPServiceProvider" --tag=config


Quick breakdown of the two main options in the configuration file. To find out more simple open the config/geoip.php file.

Service Configuration

To simplify and keep things clean, all third party composer packages, that are needed for a service, are installed separately.

For further configuration options checkout the services page.

Caching Configuration

GeoIP uses Laravel’s default caching to store queried IP locations. This is done to reduce the number of calls made to the selected service, as some of them are rate limited.


  • all all location are cached
  • some cache only the requesting user
  • none caching is completely disable


There are few options to use the package:

  • geoip() helper function
  • InteractionDesignFoundation\GeoIP\Facades\GeoIP facade
geoip()->getLocation('27.974.399.65'); // Get the location from the provided IP.
geoip()->getClientIP(); // Will return the user IP address.

Example of Location object:

\InteractionDesignFoundation\GeoIP\Location {
        'ip'           => '',
        'iso_code'     => 'US',
        'country'      => 'United States',
        'city'         => 'New Haven',
        'state'        => 'CT',
        'state_name'   => 'Connecticut',
        'postal_code'  => '06510',
        'lat'          => 41.28,
        'lon'          => -72.88,
        'timezone'     => 'America/New_York',
        'continent'    => 'NA',
        'currency'     => 'USD',
        'default'      => false,

Location class implements \ArrayAccess interface, means you can access properties of the Location object using array access syntax:

$location = geoip()->getLocation();
$city = $location['city'];


Some services require downloading and use local database to detect Location by IP address. There is a console command to download/update database:

php artisan geoip:update

Some cache drivers offer the ability to clear cached locations:

php artisan geoip:clear


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