Code Sniffer and Semantic Analyzer for Gherkin

v1.2.0 2013-11-28 22:27 UTC


By Juti Noppornpitak


  • twig (dev-master, required for HTML report)



At the root directory where Gherkin CS's composer.json is,

Installation (Normal): run composer.phar install

Installation (DEV): run composer.phar install --dev

Executable: cuke-standalone.

Composer with Packagist

Installation: Add "instaclick/gherkincs": "dev-master" in the require or require-dev section of the project's composer.json.

Executable: vendor/bin/cuke.


Define cuke as either cuke-standalone or vendor/bin/cuke.

cuke [--jcs <directory_to_put_report>] [--html <directory_to_put_reports>] <configuration_file_path> <directory_path_to_scan>

where --html is to produce a set of reports in HTML and --jcs is to produce a checkstyle-format report for Jenkins/Hudson CI.

Please note that:

  • by default, the report will be displayed on the standard output,
  • --html will be used if both --jcs and --html are given.

For example,

cuke --jcs darkside.xml config.xml jedi/

Available Analyzers

Semantic Analyzer

Context Flow

This analyzer first checks for the given-when-then context flow (precondition-action-assertion) in the following patterns:

  -> Continuation (as precondition)
  -> Action
  -> Assertion

  -> Continuation (as action)
  -> Assertion

  -> Continuation (as assertion)
  -> Precondition
  -> Action

Semantic Quality

It also asserts one of the conditions:

  • any contexts containing "click", "fill", "follow", or "select" is an action,
  • any contexts containing "should" or "must" is an assertion.

When a context does not satisfy two or more conditions, the analyzer will consider it an exception (and emit no warnings).

Coding Style Checker

This analyzer checks if:

  • tab characters are not used,
  • the width of indentation is consistent where the default width is 4 spaces,
  • there exists no trailing spaces,
  • features have no leading spaces (no indentation),
  • backgrounds, scenarios, and scenario outlines have exactly one level of indentation,
  • preconditions, actions, assertions and continuations have exactly two levels of indentation,
  • tabular data has exactly three levels of indentation,
  • tag lines have at most one level of indentation,
  • extra spaces (two or more whitespaces) occur in non-tabular-data contexts.

Instaclick's Coding Style Checker

This analyzer checks if any tags' name must:

  • start with @,
  • start and end with alphanumeric characters,
  • only use hyphens ("-"),
  • be in lowercase.

Write a Custom Analyzer

All analyzers must implement IC\Gherkinics\Analyzer\AnalyzerInterface.