Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.

v5.2.3 2016-05-16 23:18 UTC


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Easy and flexible extensions for the Eloquent ORM (Laravel 5.2).

For older versions of Illuminate/Laravel please use:

  • 5.1.* -> 5.1 branch.
  • 5.0.* -> 0.4 branch.

Currently available extensions:

  1. Searchable query - crazy-simple fulltext search through any related model (based on only written from scratch & greatly improved)
  2. Validable - self-validating models
  3. Mappable -map attributes to table fields and/or related models
  4. Metable - meta attributes made easy
  5. Mutable - flexible attribute get/set mutators with quick setup (with help of Romain Lanz)
  6. Mutator - pipe-based mutating

Check the documentation for installation and usage info, website for examples and API reference


All contributions are welcome, PRs must be tested and PSR-2 compliant.