Laravel Eloquent hooks system.

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Hooks system for the Eloquent ORM (Laravel 5.2).

Hooks are available for the following methods:

  • Model::getAttribute
  • Model::setAttribute
  • Model::save
  • Model::toArray
  • Model::replicate
  • Model::isDirty
  • Model::__isset
  • Model::__unset

and all methods available on the Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder class.


Clone the repo or pull as composer dependency:

composer require sofa/hookable:~5.2


In order to register a hook you use static method hook on the model: example.

Important Due to the fact that PHP will not let you bind a Closure to your model's instance if it is created in a static context (for example model's boot method), you need to hack it a little bit, in that the closure is created in an object context.

For example see the above example along with the class that encloses our closures in an instance scope that is being used there.

Signature for the hook closure is following:

function (Closure $next, mixed $payload, Sofa\Hookable\Contracts\ArgumentBag $args)

Hooks are resolved via Sofa\Hookable\Pipeline in the same order they were registered (except for setAttribute where the order is reversed), and each is called unless you return early:

// example hook on getAttribute method:
function ($next, $value, $args)
    if (/* your condition */) {
        // return early
        return 'some value'; // or the $value

    else if (/* other condition */) {
        // you may want to mutate the value
        $value = strtolower($value);

    // finally continue calling other hooks
    return $next($value, $args);


All contributions are welcome, PRs must be tested and PSR-2 compliant.