Allegro rest/soap api symfony bundle

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v3.0.2 2019-11-30 18:39 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-11-29 03:22:23 UTC


This is simple symfony4 bundle for imper86/allegroapi


composer require imper86/allegro-api-bundle

Add your config in config/packages directory. Example config:

    sandbox: true
    client_id: '%env(ALLEGRO_CLIENT_ID)%'
    client_secret: '%env(ALLEGRO_CLIENT_SECRET)%'
    #budle's default is "logger". You can put null here, or your logger service
    logger_service_id: yourlogger

    #you can define how many times client will try to execute request on failure
    client_default_max_retries: 3

    #your entity manager service
    entity_manager: default

    #this route is built in bundle. you can use your own if you want
    redirect_route: allegro_api_handle_code

Add bundle's routes in config/routes

    resource: '@Imper86AllegroApiBundle/Resources/config/routes.xml'

Add bundle to bundles.php

Imper86\AllegroApiBundle\Imper86AllegroApiBundle::class => ['all' => true],

This bundle use doctrine/orm to persist allegro account info, and store tokens, so please make migrations, or update schema

./bin/console make:migration



Once you have your setup ready you can start auth code grant process going to route: http(s)://

You'll be then redirected to to confirm authorization.

After that you'll come back to redirect_route specified in config. If you leave default value, bundle will handle response, and will get and store your token pair.

If you want to modify the response of AllegroApiController::handleCode please write subscriber/listener for Imper86\AllegroApiBundle\Event\AuthCodeEvent

Using client

To get your client, inject service AllegroClientManagerInterface and use build method to create api client (AllegroClientInterface).

If you wish to use client credentials grant, skip Authorization part, and just use build method with null parameter instead of AllegroAccount object.

Bundle will handle tokens, and soap sessionId's for you, so you can use requests without (null) token.


Inject this service if you need TokenBundleInterface object, refresh token, or sessionId.

Is that all?

This bundle is on very early stage, so please expect many updates in future, because I know that many things in here should be done better.


Currently maintained version is v3. If you use v1 or v2 you won't receive any bundle updates.


Any help will be very appreciated :)