A library for creating invoices

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imos Invoice is a library for creating and generating invoices.


This library relies on BCMath to do reliable calculations. Make sure bcmath.scale is set sufficiently high (it should at least be higher than the number of decimal places you will round to).

ini_set('bcmath.scale', 10);
// OR

Install Twig and/or mPDF to use HtmlGenerator or MpdfGenerator.

Building an Invoice

LineItem represents a line item on your invoice. It holds basic information for each position.

$lineItem = (new LineItem)
    ->setDescription('Internet Widget')
    ->setTaxRate(19) // 19%
    ->setTaxName('VAT (DE)')
    ->setDiscount(20); // 20%

$lineItemTotal = $lineItem->getTotal(); // Get the line total

Invoice represents an invoice. It can be set to use either net list prices or gross list prices. Depending on type, it will calculate taxes either "backwards" or "forwards".

$invoice = (new Invoice)
    // The number of decimal places used can be set with the second parameter
//  ->setCurrency('JPY', 0)

        'imos GmbH',
        'Alfons-Feifel-Str. 9',
        '73037 Göppingen',
    ->setInvoiceDate(new DateTime)
    ->setDueDate(new DateTime('+30 days'))
    ->setBillingPeriod(DateRange::create('2016-01-01', '2016-02-01'))
    ->setCommission('ACME Partner')

    ->addTaxId('VATIN', 'DE999999999')
    ->addTaxId('Steuernummer', '12345 / 67890')

    ->setPaymentTerms('30 days strictly net')

    ->addExtraInfo('Payable by bank transfer.')
    ->addExtraInfo('IBAN: DE99 1234 5678 9012 3456 78')

// Add line items

$netTotal = $invoice->getTotal(Invoice::PRICE_NET); // 40
$grossTotal = $invoice->getTotal(Invoice::PRICE_GROSS); // 47.6

Line items are grouped by tax name and rate.

$taxes = $invoice->getTaxes();
            'name' => 'VAT (DE)',
            'rate' => 19,
            'total' => 7.6,


Text fields support the following placeholders, which are replaced with the corresponding values from the invoice:

  • {{totalNet}} - Net total
  • {{totalGross}} - Gross total
  • {{taxTotal}} - Total tax
  • {{totalNetAbs}} Net total (absolute value)
  • {{totalGrossAbs}} Gross total (absolute value)
  • {{taxTotalAbs}} Total tax (absolute value)
  • {{customerNumber}}
  • {{invoiceNumber}}
  • {{invoiceDate}}
  • {{dueDate}}
  • {{billingPeriod}}
  • {{commission}}
$invoice->addExtraInfo('This invoice covers services rendered {{billingPeriod}}.');
$invoice->addExtraInfo('Please transfer {{totalGross}} to our account by {{dueDate}}, ' .
                       'using "{{customerNumber}} / {{invoiceNumber}}" as the reference.');

Generating an Invoice

Generating an invoice is simple:

$generator = new HtmlGenerator(new Formatter);
echo $generator->generate($invoice);

The generated invoice can be customized for your locale and/or business:

$formatter = (new Formatter)
    ->setCurrencyFormat('%02$s %01$s')
        'customer_number' => 'Kundennummer',
        'invoice_number' => 'Rechnungsnummer',
        'invoice_date' => 'Rechnungsdatum',
        'billing_period' => 'Abrechnungszeitraum',
        'commission' => 'Kommission',

        'item_description' => 'Bezeichnung',
        'item_reference' => 'Referenz',
        'item_quantity' => 'Menge',
        'item_unit' => 'Einheit',
        'item_unit_price' => 'Preis',
        'item_discount' => 'Rabatt',
        'item_total' => 'Summe',

        'payment_terms' => 'Zahlungsbedingungen',

        'price_net' => 'Netto',
        'price_gross' => 'Brutto',

The HtmlGenerator

In addition to the translation features, you can add CSS directly to the generated document:

$generator->addCSS('thead th {background: darkcyan;}');
$generator->addStylesheet(__DIR__ . '/custom.css');

You can also write your own Twig template to use (see the current ones under resources/html_templates/ for a starting point):

$generator->addHtmlTemplatePath(__DIR__ . '/templates');

The MpdfGenerator

The MpdfGenerator uses mPDF to generate a PDF invoice. In addition to the generate() method, MpdfGenerator can also return you the mPDF object directly.

$generator = new MpdfGenerator(new Formatter, new mPDF);

A PDF file can be set as a template for the invoice. A template usually consists of two pages, one for the first page of the invoice (with a letterhead, for example) and one for subsequent pages. The last page of the template is repeated if the invoice becomes longer that the template. Page margins can be set using CSS.

    ->addCss('@page { margin: 2.5cm 2cm; }
              @page :first { margin-top: 5.5cm; }');