Create beautiful emails in Symfony2

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This bundle let's you create HTML emails with inline styles using Twig as the template language. It's made of two services:

  • Renderer: Updates the given Swift_Message using a Twig layout/template and css.
  • Mailer: It's a wrapper for the default "@mailer" service which let's you use profiles to tell who is sending the email.
$message = \Swift_Message::newInstance();

        'name' => 'Bartolo',

$message->setTo(['' => 'Bartolo']);

$this->get('')->send('maritxu', $message);



  # Force double quotes in HTML tag attributes, <p style=''> => <p style="">
  # This is usefull for Mandrill or other service which needs double quote attributes
  force_double_quotes: false

  # Generate plain text message from HTML version
  generate_plain: false

  # See "Renderer"
  layout_var:  'layout'
  subject_var: 'subject'

  # See "Mailer"
  profiles: ~


$renderer->updateMessage($swift_message, $layout, $template, $css, $data);

Layout & template

Both layout & template need a Twig path. Layout and templates are separated, so that is easier to maintain lot's of templates.

This is the minimum a $template needs:

{% extends layout %}
{% block subject %}Welcome {{ name }}!{% endblock %}

Note that layout in the extends tag is a variable which corresponds to the $layout given in the updateMessage() method. The subject block is used to generate the email subject. Both are required.

The names of the layout variable and the subject block can be changed in config.yml:

  layout_var:  'layout'
  subject_var: 'subject'


You can use the @AcmeBundle/path/my.css notation to locate your css. This css file will be used to add inline styles to the generated HTML.


$mailer->send($profile, $swift_message);

Profiles are defined in config.yml:

      from: { Maritxu }
      from: { Unknown }
      reply_to: { Bartolo }

Define the From and ReplyTo options like in a Swift Message: {'email': 'name'}. You can define multiple emails in the From parameter, all of them will be visible to the addressee, but only the first one will be the actual Sender.