Library for ID4me

1.3.0 2020-09-24 07:04 UTC


A PHP library aiming to simplify usage of id4me functionalities.


  • Discovery
  • Registration
  • Authentication
  • Validation :
    • solely following requirements of ID4Me specifications 4.5.3. ID Token Validation: 1. to 5. and 9.


Following technical structure and flow are currently implemented:

id4Me library process image (Petri-Netz)

To see an example of a client consuming current id4me library run: `php examples/Example.php`


In order to work on current source code make sure you have following softwares installed:

  • docker latest version
  • docker-compose latest version
  • php >= 7.0
  • php composer

How to build

  • Build local dependencies with `composer install`

How to run unit tests

  • run a single test: <SOURCE_CODE_PATH>/vendor/bin/phpunit tests/<TEST_CLASS>.php
  • run all tests: <SOURCE_CODE_PATH>/vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration phpunit.xml

How to start application

  • Just start with `docker-compose up`

What are we still working on?

  • Logout from identity authority