Run upgrade wizards for multiple TYPO3 versions at once

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Run upgrade wizards for multiple TYPO3 versions (to 10.4) at once.


This extension allows to upgrade the TYPO3 core from v7.6 to v10.4 in one step.


Simply install the extension with Composer or download from TER.

composer require ichhabrecht/core-upgrader

This extension depends on TYPO3 Console. The typo3cms binary will be installed in the specified bin-dir (by default vendor/bin).


  1. You need to activate the extension:

    typo3cms install:generatepackagestates

  2. Now you can run all update wizards:

    typo3cms coreupgrader:upgrade

  3. The upgrade command runs necessary TYPO3 upgrade wizards.
    It is recommended to run TYPO3 Console upgrade command afterwards to execute confirmable and extension wizards.

    typo3cms upgrade:run all