Local Server module for WordPress VIP projects

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A local development environment for WordPress VIP projects, built on Docker.

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Local VIP can be installed as a dependency within a Composer-based WordPress project:

composer require --dev humanmade/local-vip

Getting Started

Fill out your project's composer.json to define the project name, domain, and subsites/subdomains you want to use:

  "extra": {
    "local-vip": {
      "name": "test-vip",
      "domain": "test.local",
      "subdomains": true,
      "db-image": "biarms/mysql:5.7"
      "sites": {
        "subdomain": "Subsite Name"

Your local domains will need to be mapped within you hosts file. For example, if your domain is test.local, the following would need to be added to your hosts file.

# test.local test.local

In your local server project you can run the following commands:

# Start the server cluster
composer server start

# Stop the server cluster
composer server stop

For full documentation click here.

Enterprise Search

Local VIP mimics VIP's Enterprise Search by using Elastic Search with mock variables to simulate a VIP environment.

Once the environment is created you can confirm the ES instances is running via Kibana at

In addition you can check the health of the environment in the Kibana console by executing GET _cluster/health?pretty.

In order to leverage ES, the data needs to be indexed. By default, there is no data indexed in the ES environment. To index the data, use WP CLI and execute wp vip-search index --setup.