Infrastructure for creating PSR-7 ServerRequest and UploadedFile

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This package makes it easy and flexible to create PSR-7 components ServerRequest and UploadedFile.

Depends on the httpsoft/http-message package.



This package requires PHP version 7.4 or later.

composer require httpsoft/http-server-request

Usage ServerRequestCreator

use HttpSoft\ServerRequest\ServerRequestCreator;

// All necessary data will be received automatically:
$request = ServerRequestCreator::createFromGlobals($_SERVER, $_FILES, $_COOKIE, $_GET, $_POST);
// equivalently to:
$request = ServerRequestCreator::createFromGlobals();
// equivalently to:
$request = ServerRequestCreator::create();

By default HttpSoft\ServerRequest\SapiNormalizer is used for normalization of server parameters. You can use your own server parameters normalizer, for this you need to implement an HttpSoft\ServerRequest\ServerNormalizerInterface interface.

$normalizer = new YouCustomServerNormalizer();

$request = ServerRequestCreator::create($normalizer);
// equivalently to:
$request = ServerRequestCreator::createFromGlobals($_SERVER, $_FILES, $_COOKIE, $_GET, $_POST, $normalizer);
// or with custom superglobals:
$request = ServerRequestCreator::createFromGlobals($server, $files, $cookie, $get, $post, $normalizer);

Usage UploadedFileCreator

use HttpSoft\ServerRequest\UploadedFileCreator;

/** @var StreamInterface|string|resource $streamOrFile */
$uploadedFile = UploadedFileCreator::create($streamOrFile, 1024, UPLOAD_ERR_OK, 'file.txt', 'text/plain');

// Create a new `HttpSoft\UploadedFile\UploadedFile` instance from array (the item `$_FILES`)
$uploadedFile = UploadedFileCreator::createFromArray([
    'name' => 'filename.jpg', // optional
    'type' => 'image/jpeg', // optional
    'tmp_name' => '/tmp/php/php6hst32',
    'error' => 0, // UPLOAD_ERR_OK
    'size' => 98174,

// Normalizes the superglobal structure and converts each array
// value to an instance of `Psr\Http\Message\UploadedFileInterface`.
$uploadedFiles = UploadedFileCreator::createFromGlobals($_FILES);