contao-literature is a database for literature references. The literature references can be compiled into bibliographies.

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This extension allows the input of literature references in the backend and list output of literature references in the frontend. You can use the literature reference editor in the backend to enter and group your literature references. The editor distinguishes between the following types of references:

  • Periodically published journals, and so on.
  • Non-periodically published works
  • Parts of a non-periodic work (e.g. book chapters)

The literature references can be displayed in the frontend with the help of a literature list module for literature references. The output style of the literature references can be defined using your own templates. Literature references can be tagged if the hschottm/tags Contao bundle is installed. The list output can be filtered with tags. Single literature references can be displayed everywhere in the frontend (e.g. articles) using the insert tag insert_literature. The module literature search is a filter module that filters literature lists by matching search terms.