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API Description Mock Server

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An API description mock server.

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Branda is currently experimental!
It only supports API Blueprint as we speak.

Installation And Usage


If you are familiar with docker, it is by far the most comfortable way to use branda:

Mac users: make sure that your files can be made available to docker. E.g.: with docker-machine-nfs, mount the respective folder or you -v won't work with docker

docker run -it --name "branda" --rm -p 8000:8000 \
  -v $(pwd):/appdata hendrikmaus/branda \
  mock -f /appdata/your-service.apib

Let's get into the details of that command:

  • docker run -it --name "branda" --rm

    • -t Allocate a pseudo-tty
    • -i Keep STDIN open even if not attached
    • --name "branda" Name of the container
    • --rm Cleanup when the container exits
  • -p 8000:8000

    • Port mapping
    • branda will listen on port 8000 by default, but you can change it using an option
    • Note for Mac users: you will expose the port on the IP of your vm solution, e.g. docker-machine
  • -v $(pwd):/appdata hendrikmaus/branda \

    • -v Mount current working directory into /appdata folder inside the container
    • hendrikmaus/branda is the image name (and tag)
  • mock -f /appdata/your-service.apib

    These are the actual arguments and options passed to branda. make sure to listen on the public interface. When passing your file into it, remember it sits inside of /appdata in the container and /appdata is equal to the structure of your current working directory

Stopping Branda

docker stop branda


Installing branda from source means your machine must have PHP >= 7 and Cpp tools to compile Drafter

The recommended way to install branda is by using composer.
Since there currently is a dependency on drafter, you have to add this to your scripts section in composer.json:

  "extra": {
    "drafter-installer-tag": "v3.1.3"
  "scripts": {
    "install-drafter": "Hmaus\\Drafter\\Installer::installDrafter",
    "post-install-cmd": [
    "post-update-cmd": [

Now you can require branda itself:

composer require hmaus/branda

You have to require dev-master since there is no tag on the experimental version yet


The simplest example to fire up a mock server:

vendor/bin/branda mock --file "your-service.apib"

When installing using composer, branda will install to your bin folder, vendor/bin by default