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Yii 3.0 proposal :: NOT FOR ACTUAL USE

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This package is Yii 3.0 architecture changes proposal.



  • framework gets split into parts, not radically, but functionally
    • yiisoft/core - all former framework but all the following
    • yiisoft/di - as is, fixed some bugs
    • yiisfot/yii-web - everything from web and filter folders, can be used without yiisoft/console, but requires core
    • yiisfot/yii-console - everything from console folder, can be used without yiisoft/web, but requires core
    • yiisoft/log - everything from log folder, any PSR compatible cache could be used, can be done framework independent
    • yiisoft/cache - everything from caching folder, any PSR compatible cache could be used, can be done framework independent
    • yiisoft/db - not all apps need it, can be done framework independent
    • yiisoft/rbac - not all apps need it, can be done framework independent
    • also should be considered:
      • grid
      • widgets
      • split db and ActiveRecord
    • also please see discussion https://github.com/hiqsol/core/issues/1
  • don't mention framework version anywhere besides version constraints in composer.json files
    • rename yii extensions with yii- prefix
    • rule of thumb:
      • if extension requires yiisoft/core directly or through dependencies - then prefix with yii-
      • if extension can be used without yii (completely or partially) - name without yii- prefix
      • if extension provides more functions with yii - suggest yii
  • yiisfot/core requires only virtual psr implementations instead of concrete yii packages
    • actually not all psr implementations will work right now, but it's a declaration of intentions and will be implemented sooner or later
  • every part provides it's own configuration in config folder, see examples below
    • summary config is assembled with composer-config-plugin, we can think about other config assembling tool, but this one is already tested and there are no others :)
    • I understand it is most arguable question but it can become main framework feature
    • allows to throw away things like coreComponents and other crutches like merging config parts available in the framework code
    • the config becomes the config of DI container holding configs for application and all the services (previously it was config of application)
    • allows to create onion applications and plugins, please see my article
    • also please see discussion https://github.com/hiqsol/core/issues/2
  • yii2-composer - not needed anymore
    • yii2-extension composer package type is not need, extensions will become library
    • also yii2-composer assembles extensions.php used for aliases and bootstrap composer-config-plugin does all the same but more effectively
  • think of completely remove bootstrap feature:
    • it was mostly used by extensions to merge into application config - composer-config-plugin must be used for it
    • event triggers should be configured for all other cases
      • which improves performance by running tasks not for every request but for certain only
  • DI
    • completely remove ServiceLocator, use DI instead
    • completely remove components support from Application and Module
      • according to my experiense, DI is quite enough
    • Application becomes really shorter and simpler
  • completely remove Configurable and Yii::configure(), and init() goes with them
    • remove everywhere $config (last constructor argument)
    • Configurable worked this way:
      • $config array was passed to constructor
      • $config gets applied with Yii::configure()
      • constructor runs init()
      • it doesn't work with new DI because of the following:
        • new DI calls constructor and then sets props
        • init cannot be called from constructor
        • in theory init() could be called with DI, but it's necessary to ensure it to be called after settings all props
    • it is necessary to fix all classes having init()
    • it is serious BC-break, but everything gets simpler:
      • no need to make changes to yiisoft/di
      • initialization better be substituted with getters which makes it deferred so more productive in theory
  • redo Yii as clean helper, without global static properties:
    • no need to require Yii in entry script
    • move to all other helpers yii\helpers\Yii
    • remove "global variables" Yii::$app, Yii::$logger and so on
    • move aliases to Application
    • leave only: Yii::t(), Yii::createObject() and logging and profiling functions
    • to make them working Yii::setContainer($container) must be called in entry script
    • but if no container is defined - make all the functions operating in default way like logging with PHP built-in capabilities
    • I think Yii::createObject() should be deprecated, starting with removing its use in the framework and then remove it completely in next version in favour of Factory::create()
    • bunch of defines will be moved to config/defines.php, composer-config-plugin assembles defines too
  • cleanup
    • rename folder web to public
    • rename alias @webroot to @public
    • I want to make less files in heavy loaded folders (base, web), making a bit more folders, but without growing folder depth
      • move all exceptions to own folder in base and web
      • move web formatters to own folder
      • think of: url, action

Entry script

use hiqdev\composer\config\Builder;
use yii\di\Container;
use yii\helpers\Yii;

(function () {
    require_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';
    require_once Builder::path('defines');

    $container = new Container(require Builder::path('web'));


Config examples

Sample from yiisoft/core, src/config/common.php:


return [
    yii\base\Application::class => Reference::to('app'),
    'app' => [
        'aliases' => [
            '@root'     => dirname(__DIR__, 5),
            '@vendor'   => dirname(__DIR__, 4),
        'params' => $params,

    yii\base\Request::class => Reference::to('request'),
    yii\base\View::class => Reference::to('view'),

Sample from yiisoft/web, src/config/web.php:


return [
    'app' => [
        '__class' => yii\web\Application::class,
        'id' => 'web',
        'name' => 'web',

    'request' => [
        '__class' => yii\web\Request::class,
    'view' => [
        '__class' => yii\web\View::class,

Sample from yiisoft/console, src/config/console.php:


return [
    'app' => [
        '__class' => yii\console\Application::class,
        'id' => 'console',
        'name' => 'console',

    'request' => [
        '__class' => yii\console\Request::class,
    'view' => [
        '__class' => yii\console\View::class,

Sample from yiisoft/log, src/config/common.php:


return [
    'logger' => [
        '__class' => yii\log\Logger::class,

    Psr\Log\LoggerInterface::class => yii\di\Reference::to('logger'),

Parts and folders

Size folder destination comments
1008K db yiisoft/db
828K messages yiisoft/core split to yiisoft/messages-ru yiisoft/messages-uk ???
588K web yiisoft/yii-web
468K helpers yiisoft/core
412K base yiisoft/core
292K console yiisoft/yii-console
212K validators yiisoft/core
192K i18n yiisoft/core
168K widgets yiisoft/core
152K caching yiisoft/cache provides psr/simple-cache-implementation
148K rbac yiisoft/rbac
132K filters yiisoft/yii-web
124K views yiisoft/core
116K data yiisoft/core
84K http yiisoft/core
84K log yiisoft/log provides psr/log-implementation
76K behaviors yiisoft/core db related to be moved to db
72K grid yiisoft/core
60K di yiisoft/di provides psr/container-implementation
52K requirements yiisoft/core
52K mail yiisoft/core
44K test yiisoft/core some files can be moved to db
36K mutex yiisoft/core
28K profile yiisoft/core
24K serialize yiisoft/core


This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license. Read more here.

Copyright © 2018, sol (http://hiqdev.com/)