Laravel Diagnostic command for configuration, db connection, http request

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LaraLens is a Laravel artisan command to show you the current configuration of your application. It is useful to show in your terminal the status of:

  • some useful configuration variable;
  • the database connection;
  • the tables in the database;
  • the connection via HTTP request.

LaraLens - diagnostic package for Laravel


When I have a new Laravel Application deployed on the target server, usually I perform a list of commands in order to check the configuration, the connection to database, inspect some tables, the response of the web server. I tried to show more information in just one command. This is useful also when the installation of your Laravel application is on premises, and someone else takes care about the configuration. So, in this scenario usually, as developer, your first question is: "how is configured the application?".


You can install the package via composer:

composer require hi-folks/lara-lens

The Packagist page is: https://packagist.org/packages/hi-folks/lara-lens


php artisan laralens:diagnostic

Usage: control database connection

You can see Database Connection information, and you can choose the table to check, and the column used for the "order by" (default created_at):

php artisan laralens:diagnostic --table=migrations --column-sort=id

To take the last created user:

php artisan laralens:diagnostic --table=users --column-sort=created_at

To take the last updated user:

php artisan laralens:diagnostic --table=users --column-sort=updated_at

Usage: control the output

You can control the output via the show option. You can define:

  • config
  • connection
  • database
  • runtime
  • migration
  • all The defalut for --show option is all.
php artisan laralens:diagnostic --show=config --show=connection --show=database --show=runtime --show=migration

If you want to see only database information:

php artisan laralens:diagnostic --show=database

Usage: change the style of output table

You can choose one of these styles via --style= option:

  • default
  • borderless
  • compact
  • symfony-style-guide
  • box
  • box-double

For example:

php artisan laralens:diagnostic --style=borderless


composer test


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