Symfony2 extension to presenting time in seconds

v1.0.1 2013-11-20 15:40 UTC


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This is a Bundle for Symfony2 Framework where you can easli convert a datetime/timestamp to distance of time in words.

By example

{{ var.data|time_formatter }}


day ago

Installation for Symfony2

  1. Update your composer.json
	"require": {
		"Hexmedia/TimeFormatterBundle": "dev-master"

or use composer's require command:

composer require Hexmedia/TimeFormatterBundle:dev-master
  1. Update AppKernel
	public function registerBundles() {
		$bundles = array(
			new Hexmedia\TimeFormatterBundle\HexmediaTimeFormatterBundle(),
		return $bundles;


To display distance of time in words between a date and current date:

{{ var.data|time_formatter }}

To display distance of time between two custom dates you should use

{{ var.data|time_formatter(message.updated) }}