Shopware plugin to allow OAuth providers to provide admin logins

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Shopware plugin to allow external login provider in the administration

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This Shopware 6 plugin allows to add "Login with" functionality into the Shopware administration login page and password confirmation dialogs.


  • login to Shopware 6 administration using an external identity provider (IDP)
  • various providers already preconfigured - Microsoft, Google, Okta, Keycloak, ...
  • support for third-party IDPs supporting OpenID Connect
    • easy setup using the provider's metadata document (.well-known/openid-configuration)
  • support for third-party IDPs supporting SAML2
    • easy setup using the provider's metadata xml
  • promote users automatically to administrators
  • set roles and permissions based on rules


The login to the Shopware administration is a critical part. Security vulnerabilities in this part allow attackers access to the whole shop.

Therefore, we check our plugin critically for potential risks before merging pull requests.

In addition, our OpenId Connect implementation also checks the signature of JWT tokens, whenever possible. When using a pre-configured OpenID Connect provider or when providing a OIDC metadata document, the JWKS keys are automatically fetched from the IDP.

Supported providers

We support a variety of identity providers out of the box. If your identity provider is not listed below but offers OpenID Connect support, you can configure it manually using the OpenID Connect provider. In any other case feel free to create a pull request.

⚠️ supported using authorized request rule

SAML2 - Technical requirements

In case you want to use a SAML2 provider, your IdP must meet the following requirements:

  • include AuthnRequest in the SAML response
  • sign the returned assertions
  • support HTTP-POST binding for the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS)
  • return the user's email address as attribute (all other attributes are optional)

OpenID Connect - Authenticated request rule

When using an OpenID Connect based provider, you can assign roles that depend on an authenticated GET request, done with the user's access token. This way you can get any further information from the IDP, that is relevant for your specific case. For some providers a preset for retrieving the user's groups is already available.

In case you want to create more complex rules, you can build your own queries within the rule builder. The queries get the JSON, returned by the specified endpoint, as input.

Authenticated request

Your specified endpoint will be called as follows:

GET https://my-company.idp.com/api/groups
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
Accept: application/json

The request must be encrypted (HTTPS) and will timeout after 5 seconds. In case of a timeout or a none successful response code, the condition will be evaluated as false.

In case you have multiple conditions, depending on the same endpoint, the request will only be done once. The response is cached in memory for the duration of the rule evaluation.

Processing the response

You can then use a JMESPath query to validate if the input JSON matches your rule.

It is recommended that your query results in a boolean. In case it results in a different type, the condition will be validated as follows:


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